3D measurement Coplanarity Inspection system

NZG series

Coplarnarity measurement/automatic inspection of connectors or electronic parts based on the glass surface

Corresponds to In-Line devices combined with equipment
Table type supports manual inspection line, development, quality control, etc.


Product Coplanarity Inspection System
Model NZG-02 NZG-03 NZG-04 NZG-05 NZG-10
FOV 37 x 31mm 28×23mm 20x17mm 16x14mm 8 x 7mm
Resol. XY 16μm 11.5μm 8.6μm 7μm 3.5μm
Z 5μm 5μm 5μm 5μm 5μm
Inspection Time below 1sec (image aquation 0.5sec + image processing 0.3)
Power AC100V single phase (50/60Hz 6.5A)