Semicon Wafer Surface Inspection system WM-7SR

Available for non pattern wafer by new optical system.

WM-7SR has been added to our product line up of wafer surface analyzer, to respond to the growing demand of the silicon wafer. TAKANO's original optical system improved WM-7SR makes an achievement to measure with highly accurate measurement for silicon wafer. This model would be great for R&D department, test production, and small scale manufacturing line. WM-7SR is also equipped with the bule-violet semiconductor laser as WM-7. The bule-violet semiconductor laser makes a contribution to reduce the running cost of the factory.


  • Available for a clear wafer material
  • World's first wafer surface analyzer using the violet-LD
  • Drastic reduction of the running cost by using the violet-LD
  • Low price / High performance / Small foot print / Easy operation
  • Available from 2-inch to 8-inch
  • Variety of options


Light Source Violet LD(blue-violet semiconductor)
Scan system Helical Scan
Sensitivity 80nm *Bare Wafer
Repeatability σn/x≦1% *99% or more
Supported Wafer Bare wafer / Coated Wafer
Wafer Size 2inch~8inch
Dimension Size WxDxH 800 X 900 X 1,650mm
Weight 600kg


  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment function Haze function
  • Double wafer port
  • Map overlapping function
  • X-Y coordinate output (Communication software)
  • Host communication software