Leading the Image Processing Inspection Industry with Four Unique Features

ViSCO's image processing inspection systems feature high-precision image processing technology, high-speed processing, and an inspection algorithm that rivals human capabilities. Our systems feature versatility enabling them to be applied to inspection applications related to various industrial products as well as a high level of specialization suitable for specific fields, making it possible to get started smoothly with intuitive, simple operations.

Feature 1
Smart visual
inspections with
learning capabilities
ViSCO's visual inspection algorithm rivals human capabilities. All models come with an extensive lineup of carefully considered tools for visual inspections.
The DefFinder® Series is a System that
Considers Variation in Non-Defective Products
An original inspection tool equipped with a learning function to enable high-precision, stable inspections
By registering multiple non-defective-product patterns, it is possible to discern non-defective products statistically. This makes it possible to precisely and stably detect physical defects, such as scratches, dirt, and foreign matter.
Here are a few examples from our extensive lineup of more than 70 inspection tools.
High-performance visual inspections with industry-leading technology
We are confident in our ability to achieve
inspections that respond to the needs of our customers.
AI Inspection
Rule-based judgment based on AI learning
Use of AI enables inspection of targets with shape variance or shine, which has been challenging using traditional inspection tools.
Feature 2
Images that only
ViSCO can capture
By combining the extensive know-how of our image processing engineers, we have made it possible to preforme inspections once difficult.
Super Focusing Camera
Enables Inspection at an Angle
Super Focusing Cameras that enable inspections once only possible by eyes
By capturing an image at an angle, we are able to achieve high-precision inspections with high-resolution images that are in focus on all sides.
High-Precision Color Inspections
Capable of making inspections without degradation of color
Capturing images with a monochrome camera using red, green, and blue lighting, we are able to process the images into one Color image. This makes it possible to achieve color inspections and maintain a high detection rate.
Lighting Technology is
the Key to Successful
We respond to various needs, including everything from complex inspections to an emphasis on speed
Depending on the inspection application, our systems offer flexibility, including the ability to switch between multiple lighting schemes using one stage and strobe control.
Feature 3
Superior processing
performance that
facilitates inspections
This is where you'll find ViSCO's unique technologies for achieving faster, higher precision inspections.
Outstanding Image Processing Performance
Detection of defects by using high-precision image linkage and analysis capabilities
By linking multiple inspection images and utilizing various analysis methods, our systems detect only the necessary defects.
Tact Time Reduction
Using high-speed hardware and high-speed cameras we are able to reduce the inspection Tact time.
Even in situations where high-resolution cameras are connected, there is processing capability to spare.
Feature 4
Easy for anyone to
set up, manage,
and operate
By applying on-site feedback to real systems, we provide an inspection environments that put ease-of-use first.
Simple Setup and Operation
Reduced work-hours necessary for introduction and simplified screen setup suitable for the site
We provide an extensive lineup of functions reducing the work-hours necessary to get started. Additoinally the operation screen can be easily customized.
Collective Management
of the Operation
Status and Inspection
Data by Using a PC
Capable of executing and confirming inspections remotely
Even if you're not on-site, it is possible to confirm the operation status and collectively manage the inspection data.
Automatic Inspection Log Graphing
VDA(ViSCO Data Analyzer makes it possible to verify inspection results in real time
It is possible to save and to take statistics of status information, inspection data, and measurement data.